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The Lion's Den Trading

A LIVE Options trading experience

The market is a jungle.

In the jungle you can feast with the lions and dominate the market.

Just remember... when you're in the jungle, THE LION IS KING!

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The Lion's Den Trading Schedule

Live trading sessions with our traders, Sunday - Friday! Eastern Standard Time.



8:30am - 11:30 / 12:30 - 2:30 / 8pm 'til...



8:30am - 12:30



8pm 'til...

Advantages of Being in The Lion's Den

No Trading Experience Needed

No Trading Experience Needed

Our traders have the experience, screen time, understanding, and strategies, all you have to do is follow along.

Access To The Den

Access To The Den

As a member you will have access to our live trading sessions and our always growing library of educational resources.

Trade Only When You Want

Trade Only When You Want

There are no minimum number of trades or required level of participation. You join in when you have the time and take the trades you feel good about.

Top Notch Brokers

Top Notch Brokers

We carefully select the brokers that we work with. We make sure that the broker is fair and safe to use. Just one more thing that we do, so that you don't have to worry.

Private Facebook Group

Private Facebook Group

In addition to the support and information that we provide, we have a private Facebook group where you can connect with other traders to compare notes or quickly get answers or help. Our support staff monitors the group, so you are sure to get answers fast.

No Contracts

No Contracts

Memberships are monthly. If you feel that you've won enough money, you can cancel your membership at any time with no hassle. - But why would you want to cancel, when you are WINNING?

Affiliate Program? You Bet There Is!

A two tier program that Pays YOU More...

Without YOU Doing More!

You earn 50% commission on anyone that you personally sponsor

You also earn 25% on anyone that they sponsor

Unlimited first tier payouts, recurring for the lifetime of their membership

Unlimited second tier payouts, recurring for the lifetime of their membership

If someone in your tiers, or below, drops out... they move up closer to you.

(If your Tier Two affiliate leaves, all of their Tier One affiliates become your Tier Two affiliates.)

Commission Earnings Example

1 Tier Vs. 2 Tiers

1 Tier Affiliate Program

Sponsor 5 people @ 75% payout


No chance for earnings past one level.

Our 2 Tier Affiliate Program

Sponsor 5 people @ 50% payout -


Those 5 each sponsor 2 - Total of

$500 payout.

That's the beauty of it...paid on your affiliate's tier 1.

Enter The Lion's Den

Sign Up Now and Start Trading Like a Pro, With a Pro.. In 3 Easy Steps!

1. Create Membership

Click "Let Me In" and follow through the payment process...Then the membership creation. Note: Use the same email you used with PayPal.

2. Choose Broker

In an effort to ensure quality of our services and in a broker, we have a hand picked list to choose from.

3. Confirm Deposit

The deposit to the broker is what you will be making trades with and it's the whole point of the live sessions. However, you do not need to make trades to join the live sessions.

1. The Lion's Den Trading is not a signal service. We do not provide financial counseling or advice. You merely choose to follow the experience of our traders.

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